Differentiating Between Parameters and Arguments

arguments javascript parameters Aug 11, 2023
Parameters vs Arguments

By: The Bluu Kazi Dev Team

The purpose of this documentation will be to explain the difference between parameters and arguments utilized by developers when coding. The two terms do not share a similarity but many developers confuse them to be the same. Therefore, this documentation will clarify their meanings and functionalities when used in a coding environment.


Parameters refer to the methods within the function/method header. These parameters, also known as variables, receive a value when we call the function or the method. It will help with remembering that parameters function as placeholders. In other words, they tell us what values we need to pass to the function/method.

Here is an example of a parameter:

In the above illustration, the function that holds a variable called “name” is the parameter. Within this function, the “name” parameter gets assigned a value when we call the function



When a value is passed to the function then it is called an argument. When the function sayHello is called, the value “Bluu Kazi” becomes the argument. 

In the above illustration, “Bluu Kazi” is the argument. Therefore, to better understand, arguments or values are placed within parameters. Be sure to remember that parameters are the placeholders for arguments and values.



I hope with this comparison and contrast developers will be able to understand the difference in how parameters and arguments are used. To conclude, arguments are the values that are placed within parameters when used to call a method/function.

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